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Full Dentures

Full dentures are for people who have lost their natural teeth on the upper- or lower-part of their mouth, or both. This type of denture allows chewing function as well as a natural, attractive smile. We also create immediate dentures, which you can wear immediately after your dentist has extracted teeth. This process ensures that you are not subjected to the inconvenience of not having teeth.

Implant-Retained Dentures

This is the ideal for full denture patients, and in some cases partial denture patients. The advantage with implants is the superior stability and therefore increased function, particularly with full lower dentures. Whilst the price of having implants placed in your mouth is costly, year by year the relative prices appears to be falling.


Relining every two to three years will ensure your denture is well-adapted to the underlying bone ridge. We recommend immediate denture patients reline their dentures after six months, as there will be substantial bone resorption within this time. Relining will help keep them firmly in place, so that you can wear them with comfort and ease.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture can be made of acrylic or chrome material. For extra comfort, we also make gold partial dentures (a premium alternative to chrome). This type of denture is most appropriate for filling gaps between your remaining natural teeth. This is the best solution, if possible, as your natural teeth help retain your denture’s position in your mouth.


In the event of a broken or fractured denture, do not try to repair it yourself. Do not ever use superglue. This can cause irreparable damage and may result in the need for a new denture. Moorooka Denture Clinic is equipped with the correct tools and materials so that we can repair it and return it to you within a few hours.


Properly-designed mouthguards are essential in the prevention of athletic oral/facial injuries. By creating a custom-fabricated mouthguard, we have control over the thickness and consistency of the material which will greatly assist in oral and facial protection. For our younger patients, we offer a variety of colours and patterns to choose from.

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